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About Long Run Fire Department

The Valley County Long Run Fire Department was organized in 1984 by Sheriff Dan Taylor, Dan Carney, Deputies Richard Britzman and L.E. Sundby. At that time Long Run had 21 volunteer firefighters, this included the Chief, Asst Chief and three Captains. During the following years Long Run has had 5 Chief’s, Dan Taylor, Dan Carney, Mike Ruggles, L.E. Sundby and the current Chief, Bob (Sparky) Hanson.

Long Run’s first home was located with the Glasgow City Fire Department occupying the north stall of the building housing 2 Fire Trucks. In 1985 the old DRMO Building located at Valley Industrial Park was moved to Glasgow at its current location on Lasar Drive, this became the home of the Valley County Long Run Fire Department.

Long Run’s name was suggested by Walt Turner due to the vast area the Department covers on fire calls, a vote was taken by the members and hence forth we became The Valley County Long Run Fire Department. Long Run’s logo, the Roadrunner, was also voted on and approved by the members.

Building Project:

Long Run Fire Department had their second annual fundraiser November 14th, 2009. Last year was a huge success and we cannot thank people enough for their generosity.

The funds that were raised last year have not been used because our goal of coming up with a place to house and outfit our structure trucks and equipment has not yet been settled and the funding has not been met. Our ultimate goal would be to not only house Long Run Fire Department but also to be able to house Valley County Search and Rescue and Hazmat which currently do not have a home.

We are looking at different options to come up with a building suitable for housing the equipment. One of the buildings we are looking at is the BLM building. This would cost over $200,000 to purchase and several thousand dollars to remodel for the building to work. Grants are in the process of being researched to build a new building on a different location. We are also looking at adding on to the building that we are in. The land that the building is on is owned by the City of Glasgow. We have been in contact with the City and if the County is interested in adding on to the building they would highly consider allowing us to do so. It is in the commissioners hands to talk with the City on their interest. There have been other options looked at also.

Currently we are housing several of our trucks in a heated storage building at Taylor Storage. We feel very strongly that the equipment needs to be inside so it is ready to be used in a fire. The more water we have available the more successful we will be at saving a structure.
The reason for the fund raiser is to come up with money to build and ease the burden on the county as much as possible. We know that the county is going to have to contribute some funds to make this project happen. We would appreciate you contacting the commissioners and supporting this project. The more support we have and the more people talking with the commissioners the faster this project will become a reality.

If you have further questions on the building project feel free to contact any of the members on the committee: Brandon Brunelle, Randy Isakson, Joe Younkin, Bryce Lawrence, Tim Potter, Tim Hide, and Brady Dale.

Thank you again for your support on this fund raiser and project.
Valley County Long Run Fire Department.