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Sheriff Dept. 228-4333
Police Dept. 228-4333

Long Run Fire Department
Welcome To Valley County Long Run Fire Department!
2011 Montana State Volunteer Firefighters Convention - June 9th-11th

The Valley County Long Run Fire Department was organized in 1984 by Sheriff Dan Taylor, Dan Carney, Deputies Richard Britzman and L.E. Sundby. At that time Long Run had 21 volunteer firefighters, this included the Chief, Asst Chief and three Captains. During the following years Long Run has had 5 Chief’s, Dan Taylor, Dan Carney, Mike Ruggles, L.E. Sundby and the current Chief, Bob (Sparky) Hanson.

Long Run’s first home was located with the Glasgow City Fire Department occupying the north stall of the building housing 2 Fire Trucks. In 1985 the old DRMO Building located at Valley Industrial Park was moved to Glasgow at its current location on Lasar Drive, this became the home of the Valley County Long Run Fire Department.

Long Run’s name was suggested by Walt Turner due to the vast area the Department covers on fire calls, a vote was taken by the members and hence forth we became The Valley County Long Run Fire Department. Long Run’s logo, the Roadrunner, was also voted on and approved by the members.

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